Goa Yacht Photo Gallery

A pleasant time on the serene sea and some professional clicks to keep the memories alive! Fun Cruises is the perfect getaway from your hectic day life to have the best time of your life. You can hold photoshoots to reminisce the good times you had at the yacht getaways!

Pre wedding Photoshoots

Love is in the air! A quiet time with your loved one in the midst of the vast sea is what you need before the wedding. Make sure you have the loveliest time and treasure these moments into photographs that you will look back to and smile!

Bachelorette Shoot

A fun party with your best mates for your bachelorette party on a yacht sounds like a treat! Make the best out of your time partying and staring at the best views! Happy smiles and treasured memories is all you’ll take back with some beautiful photographs to remember!

Anniversary Shoot

Make your anniversaries the best you’ve ever had! Reignite your love with a fun cruise trip and collect the fun memories of the little getaway with astounding photographs that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Birthday Photoshoot

Birthdays only come once a year. That calls for a celebration. Amidst the sea with your free spirit and the best group of friends is all it takes for the birthday bash to be the best one! It makes perfect sense to keep these memories locked up in the form of photographs. Gather up!

Private Cruising on a Goa Yacht

Impress your loved ones with unforgettable moments on board our Exclusive Private yacht in Goa. Tailor-made for two or for a group of yours, enjoy to the fullest on your private Catamaran yacht in Goa, with our entire crew fulfilling your every request. From Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding Receptions in Goa to just a Day out with your significant other, we would love to serve you by discussing out of the box ideas to accommodate any particularities that you may have.

Candle lit dinners with a view? We’ve got your back. Sightseeing? no problem! Hiring a Private Yacht for rent in Goa is also a great experience for a truly amazing Honeymoon in Goa. Get your Yacht on rent in Goa and prepare for a whole new experience with your partner. Sunbathe on deck all day with sea breeze passing through your hair. while you sip away on a glass of wine and living lavish as you usher in your lives together on our Yacht in Goa.

Corporate Yacht Party in Goa

Nothing is more memorable and noteworthy than a Corporate event held on a private luxury yacht in Goa, complete with an attentive crew, 5-star catering and some entertainment to get along.

An Corporate Party on our luxurious Catamaran Yacht in Goa is the quintessential way of mixing business with pleasure and a lot of networking. It’s the perfect way to rekindle business relationships and team spirit. Setting out on a short cruise in Goa along with your staff and team fosters teamwork and bonding. There can’t be a better option for team building activities than this. Our luxury catamaran Yacht in Goa is spacious enough to accomodate a team of upto 25 members and hence is ideal for staff parties, training sessions, client meetings, product launches and other Team Building activities. It’s time to move over the mainstream when it comes to corporate events. Book your Goa Yacht today and make your corporate events an extraordinary affair that will be etched in the the minds of your guests.

Fishing Trips in Goa on a Yacht

Planning for something fun over the weekend? Rent a Speedboat in Goa from our fleet of yachts and go on a relaxing fishing trip with your buddies. Enjoy a short and adventurous fishing trip along the Mandovi River as you cherish the exotic sights of Goa in its truest form.
Pro Tip: Try including wine glasses or some beer for extra fun!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional angler, a Fishing trip is something that brings people together and makes them bond over a short time. It is an activity you can enjoy alone or with someone else. It is a great time to just relax. Many luxury yachts in Goa come with adrenaline-pumping options for you to enjoy. You can also ask for the inclusion of Watersports in Goa during your speedboat ride. Each Goa yacht has also a dinghy to bring the guests ashore to the beach during the day or to dine out at night.

Sunset Cruises on a Goa Yacht

Enjoy the picturesque seascape of Goa with some live and smokin’ hot Barbeque and Chilled beer. Come onboard & savour on delicious grilled meat as you cruise along the waters of Goa with someone special by your side.

Sunsets in Goa, on the Mandovi River is a special time of the day. Time seems to slow down as the sun descends into the horizon, painting the sky with a unique display every dusk. This is the time to be on a Goa yacht, with a drink in your hands and the sound of the breezy water gushing at your back. Sunset Cruises in Goa are the perfect way to spend your Sunday evenings. Highlights include panoramic views looking back to the Panjim city, the beautiful orange-pink skies which provide the backdrop for this tropical port city and the never-ending ocean with noteworthy attractions on either side of the shores.

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    Hire your Luxury Yacht in Goa

    If you are a person seeking an experience of ultimate sophistication, style and performance, a quality time on a luxury yacht in Goa is the way to go! If you thought that a crewed luxury yacht charter in Goa may cost more than an exclusive hotel or cruising on a ship, you’re wrong! It’s in fact much within the limits you set for a Goa Travel Itinerary. And bonus point is that you have more freedom of movement as well as privacy on a Goa Yacht. Our hospitable and attentive crew will give you and your guests their undivided attention, right from the time of booking to the end of the cruise. You will have a person on board specially to assist you with the live Food Counter and for serving beverages – So whether it’s finger licking good BBQ at night or an evening tea-time on the deck as you watch the sunset, it’s your chance to experience luxury while sailing.
    Luxury yachts in Goa come in many sizes and also serve different functions. You can choose to hire a speedboat, a classic yacht or a ultra-modern Catamaran yacht and so on. What our yachts have in common is that the interiors are spacious and done up in a unique way to make it feel like you are in a luxurious hotel that floats. Decks are roomy and big so you can enjoy working on your tan or simply laying outside conversing with your travel companions.

    About Fun Cruises Goa – Yacht Rentals in Goa

    From enjoying the majestic wonders of the Arabian Sea to feeling the adrenaline rush of adventurous water sports activities, Fun Cruises Goa warmly welcomes you to a world of luxury boat cruising in Goa, like never before. Experience the pleasure of yachting in the serene waters of the Arabian Sea with us, while in Goa. With breathtaking views, delicious variety of sumptuous food & a vibrant atmosphere, we promise you a luxurious experience on board from our well maintained luxurious fleet to its quality yacht crew & professional guest relations staff.
    Pamper yourself as you travel and sightsee in style. Whether you want to sail into a sunset in Goa with your loved ones or dine under the moonlight against the calm seas of Goa, we make your boat cruising way more fun and memorable with the best yachts & boat charters in Goa. Our Yacht charter services guarantee you the fun, relaxation and amusement you were craving for. From secluded golden beaches to panoramic scenery, we allow you to feast your eyes with front row views of the beauty of Goa.
    Be lulled to sleep by the serene waters of Goa or sail until the sun rises. Fun Cruises Goa offers tailored boat cruise packages in Goa that are specially made for you.

    Why Choose our Yachts in Goa

    Experience is everything when you charter a yacht in Goa. So, it is essential where and with which company you seek to rent a Yacht in Goa. Hiring a yacht or a Boat on rent with our Charter company in Goa is an easy action. Choose high-end quality and a safer services to enjoy an unforgettable yachting experience in Goa.

    Our formula is simple. We ask you the right questions and listen carefully to judge your Goa Yacht Charter requirements. This process allows us to thoroughly understand your expectations and objectives so we can match you with the best possible yacht and crew to fulfill your demands. Our mission is to turn your time on our Goa yacht as a dream come true moment that turns into a breathtaking reality.

    Plan your Goa Yacht Charter in 4 easy steps!

    Searching for a yacht in Goa to hire on rent? There are a few things you might have to consider before closing in on one. Start with why are you here? Depending on whether you want to celebrate with a loved one or with a larger group, your choice of Goa Yacht will have to differ. The more people that accompany you, the larger the yacht you will need to rent. And Fun Cruises have 4 different Goa Yachts to choose from.
    Here are the 4 simple steps to book your Goa Yacht Charter at Fun Cruises Goa.

    Step 1. Choose the Right Yacht
    Have a look at our collection of Yachts in Goa. Check the amenities, the number of people the particular Yacht can accommodate and inclusions in the Charter Packages. Think about where and when you want to set out on the River cruise, number of guests and what activities you would like to experience onboard during your trip on our Luxury Yacht in Goa.

    Step 2. Contact Us
    Once you have decided on the above, contact us by filling a brief Contact Form below  and we will get back to you over a call and help you arrange the perfect holiday.We would be happy to offer you the selection of yachts up to your requirements and recommend the River Cruise routes to try during your trip.

    Step 3. Finalize the Yacht Booking
    Once the yacht has been chosen and availability has been secured, we will confirm your booking and take rest of the details like time, food and drink preferences, itinerary and so on. It is our guide to organizing your perfect Yacht charter in Goa .

    Step 4. Start Planning your Goa Yacht Ride
    As soon as you have booked your dream yacht with Fun Cruises Goa, it is time to start planning your River cruise. Based on what you told us in throughout the booking procedure as well as on our vast knowledge of the cruising destinations, we will produce unique itinerary suggestions for you and your guests.
    The captain of your luxury yacht from Fun Cruises Goa will start all the necessary preparations taking into account every detail up to your requirements.