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Your Ultimate Guide to Booking the Best Luxury Yacht In Goa

Do you want to live the extravagant high life? Tired of the same, boring daily grind? Why not bring a little excitement to your life, and what better way to do so than sailing across the waters of Goa on a luxury yacht. With the warm breeze of Goa gently press against your cheeks while you gaze into the sunset, this will be an ultimate experience for you. So how do you go about getting the most out of your Goa Yacht experience? How do you even go about finding one in the first place? Let’s find out!

1. A Trusted Charter Service is the key

A Yacht charter service in Goa that is responsive and listens to your needs can get you much needed peace of mind. Why should you deserve being tormented by all the itty bitty tiny details of your trip. Just let your Goa Yacht charter service do all the lifting.

We, at Fun Cruises Goa, guarantee a smooth sailing experience that you’ve never had before in Goa. In fact we’re already affiliated with several reputed tourism agencies and promise to keeping no stone unturned for your Goa yacht experience.
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2. Decide Where & When to Cruise in Goa

Whether you prefer to be off the beaten track or would like to enjoy waterways, it is important to plan ahead of what you’re looking for. In for some bird watching? Why don’t we take you to Divar & Chorao islands in Goa?

Perhaps a brief tour of history is your forte? Be it Cabo De Rama in South Goa with its small chapel along a seaside cliff or Aguada Fort & Reis Magos in North Goa.

A slow ride along the beautiful Mandovi River in Panjim under the city lights can also be a blissful experience that you look for.

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3. Select Your Goa Yacht

There’s the usual traditional sailing vessels – you know, the usual. But then there’s the luxury motor yachts. So Why not aim for the best?

Fun Cruises Goa offers a great range of Yachts available throughout the year. So you can explore Goa’s perfect waterways in style. A 3-hour cruise on our Luxury Catamaran Yacht in Goa is bound to leave you speechless.

4. Understand your budget

Yachts can be a pretty expensive affair, but that doesn’t mean they should only be reserved for the rich. Fun cruises Goa believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

Our mantra is getting you the best experience at the most affordable price possible without compromising on luxury. So no matter what your budget is, we can surely come up with a customised Yacht package for you in Goa. This way it is a win-win.

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5. Tag along with friends and family

An open yacht adventure all alone? Gee what kind of myth is that? Grab a few buddies or perhaps your family and take them on for a ride of their lifetime. Goa’s open seas are best enjoyed when shared.

But be sure to know your yachts capacity first. Our Luxury Catamaran in Goa holds upto 25 people so there should be plenty of room for a full blown party too.

6. Get used to the Sea

It is pretty unfortunate that everyone can’t enjoy the sea as well as the next guy. But there’s nothing a bucket load of will power and some cool tips can’t help make yourself more tolerable.

A pretty efficient way to keep your sea sickness away is by consuming antihistamines. These are over the counter drugs that can help you effectively fight against the urge of finding the nearest lavatory.
Here’s a great guide on getting over sea sickness


7. Planning Food & Drinks

What would be a lovely yacht journey across the waters of Goa without some smoking hot food and perhaps a pint or two of Chilled Beer? Feeling a little calorie conscious? How about some juice instead.

We offer complimentary live BBQ on deck with our Luxury Catamaran Yacht rides in Goa so hunger can be the least of your worries. Choose from among a variety of meat & vegetarian BBQ options or you’re also free to bring along your own food too so pack away !

8. Get your Goa Yacht jam together

Why let your perfect yacht experience in Goa be a quiet one? Create a quick playlist of your favourite tracks. Our Luxury Catamaran comes with some of the best in class speakers in the house. So dance your heart out on your own rhythm.

Tomorrowland is only one play button away 😉

9. Safety First

Yachts today are safer than ever before. With rigorous testing and inspection, you can be rest assured that you’re in safe hands. But what if things do go south? Well not to worry, all of our Yachts come with plenty of life jackets and first aid.

An word of advice would be not to drink too much – never know when you might try jumping overboard while on the path to becoming the next Iron man.


10. Sit Back, Relax & Have Fun…

With all the above thing in check, it is time for one final thing. Giving yourself an opportunity to just wind down for the moment and have a gala time with your dear ones. The Fun Cruises crew in Goa is there to ensure that you have the most wonderful time and we will tune-in to your needs on board.

However, do ask if you want something or let the captain know. How about turning off the phone and immersing yourself in one of the most luxurious and relaxing vacations. Unless you want to listen to some hard bass of course 😀

Let us plan your perfect yacht journey. Call or Whatsapp on 7391052730 for any question or custom tours. Let’s sail together soon.