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Mandovi river cruise in Goa - 7 amazing spots you just can't miss

Goans love water better yet when it’s next to a beach. Fortunately, Goa is home to some beautiful rivers too. One of them being the Mandovi, which is also the biggest. There are plenty of spots around it that are perfect for a Mandovi river cruise in Goa. So grab yourself a chartered yacht and hit the waters. It’s time for some Goa sightseeing while floating on the pristine waters and getting yourself a summer tan.

Here are 7 spots to look out for during your Mandovi river cruise in Goa.

1. Aguada Fort & Central Jail, Goa

With waves crashing into its tall walls, Fort Aguada in Goa served as a Portuguese stronghold and a replenishing stop for many passing ships. But that was back in the day. Now only a small portion of the fort is frequented by tourists (which is kind of sad). So be sure to get a good look at the Sea view of Aguada Fort along with Aguada Central jail (toward the bottom of the hill) from a Mandovi River cruise in Goa.

Aguada Fort & Central Jail
Image courtesy : Allistair Rodrigues

2. Sinquerim Fort, Goa

The best part about Sinquerim fort is that it’s right next to the Aguada. The lower part Sinquerim fort covers a wide area and is guarded by fortified walls on both sides. For centuries, the fort served as a landmark for passing ships.

Planning your river cruise after 5 PM is highly recommended as the fort itself looks surreal at sunset.

Sinquerim Beach is fondly known for its pristine looks and clean water. Be sure to check it out as well.

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Sinquerim Fort Picture

Image courtesy: Quarto

3. Coco Beach, Goa

Coco Beach is located at the mouth of the Mandovi river. The beach is often regarded as an gateway between Candolim and Nerul. The view from the river will grant your a pretty line up of colourful fishing boats and Palm trees along the coast.

The beach though little dirty compared to other beaches is popular for water sports and boating. A boat trip along Coco Beach is highly recommended as the Mandovi River in these parts is home to plenty of wild dolphins.

Coco Beach Picture

Image courtesy : Thrillophilia

4. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa

Named after India’s best-known ornithologist, the Salim Ali Bird sanctuary on Chorao Island is home to some to some of beautiful migratory birds. It was created by the Goa government in 1988 to protect the birdlife and the mangroves. A Mandovi river cruise along the Chorao island and through this Goa sanctuary is a great way to catch a glimpse of the exotic birds in Goa. Just hop onto your yacht in Goa and get on a very unique birding expedition in Goa.

Don’t forget your binoculars and of course a camera (probably a DSLR to get the right focus)

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Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
Image courtesy: Manju Acharya

5. Reis Magos Fort, Goa

Reis Magos is a very old fort in Goa that has been slowly reconstructed over the years. It was one of the first defences set up by the Portuguese in Goa, in the event of an enemy attack. It’s impossible to miss its reddish stone walls and the rustic stairs while you’re on a Mandovi River Cruise here in Goa.

Once again, be sure to book your yacht in the daytime so that you don’t miss out on the beautiful sunset.

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Image courtesy: Wikipedia

6. Kala Academy, Goa

Kala Academy is known for its frequent quality events. But what a lot of people don’t know about is its view from the Mandovi.

What you’ll see here is a lesser known empty stretch of rocks and gravel, accompanied by a magnificent lighthouse. This place is usually frequented by a few elderly folk and locals. The view from the Mandovi from here is by far one of the best and also the most underrated one.

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Kala Academy Picture

Image courtesy: Prathamesh Verlekar

7. Adil Shah Palace, Panjim, Goa

Ever wondered what Panjim’s oldest building like? Well now you can look at it from the Mandovi river. The building once served as Adil Shah´s summer palace cum fortress. The palace was defended by 55 canons and a moat. Since the time of Goa’s liberation in 1961, the building served as the home of the Goan State Legislature or Assembly and was known as the Secretariat.

A river cruise is a great way to grasp the beautiful architecture of the grand structure.

Adil Shah Palace Picture

Image courtesy: Getty

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