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Honeymoon in Goa

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There is nothing more special than the honeymoon phase in a couple’s married life. It’s the time
to spend exclusive time with each other, in a romantic setting. And, what’s more romantic than
celebrating your honeymoon in Goa, which is a paradise nestled on the Western
shores of India. Be its pristine white sandy beaches, rugged cliffs or the spectacular sunsets over the sparkling waters, Goa has an unparalleled beauty on its own. This is what makes Goa one of the most-sought-after
destinations for newlyweds among others.

Goa offers a multitude of options to pick from, for your honeymoon in Goa. For those looking for tranquil
options, there are plenty of quiet and untouched beaches to sun bathe on, quaint resorts that
offer candle lit dinners with a view of moonlit waters and spa treatments. Most importantly, a sunset cruise on a private yacht charter in Goa is an absolute recommend for your Goa Honeymoon, if you wish to experience the magical side of Goa.

For those with a more adventurous streak, there are an array of activities to choose from – like couple kayaking, paragliding, going on wildlife expeditions and much more. And lastly, those looking to experience Goa’s nightlife are in for the time of their lives. Goa has casinos, night clubs, bars, pubs as well as night markets to wander around.

Many people nowadays put a lot of thought into planning their Goa honeymoon itinerary. So, to help narrow it down for you, here are 5 romantic things and simple ways to make the most of your honeymoon in Goa.

1. Enjoy the Sun and Sand of Goa's beaches

Head to the beaches of Goa where you can partake in one of the most romantic gestures of strolling hand in hand with miles of scenic beauty around. As Goa is best known for its beaches and has a wide variety of them, you get spoilt with choice. Some busy but beautiful beaches in the North Goa include VagatorMandrem and Ashwem. the untouched beaches in the South Goa like Butterfly beach and Cola beach are a worthy addition to your Goa Honeymoon checklist as well.
So, pick up your better half, plan an intimate picnic, or an evening swim while being oblivious to the world but still admiring the expanse of the sparking clear blue waters, here in Goa.

Honeymoon in Goa - Beaches of Goa - Fun Cruises Goa

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2. Walk through the Rustic Portuguese Churches in Goa

If you feel like taking a romantic trip to discover Goa’s colonial past, look no further than Old Goa. It’s a place steeped in culture and art, where the very atmosphere is hushed and reverent. It looks as if the ancient churches in Goa built by the Portuguese seem to be silent spectators of a colourful and at times, the turbulent past too.

Goan Churches like the Basilica of Bom Jesus houses the body of Goa’s patron saint St. Francis Xavier which is considered the biggest miracles of all time. The Cathedral of St Francis of Assisi is adorned with rich culture that leaves you staring in wonder.

Nothing screams a lasting memory like the beautiful architecture coupled with a story of newlyweds enjoying culture together. With their beautifully gilded walls to their stunningly carved golden wood and ancient paintings hung on their walls and tapestries; Each tell a story, some of victory, some of love-triumph and others of tragedy.

Walk through such unique European influenced architecture in Goa with your better half during your Honeymoon in Goa and add a new experience to your kitty.

Churches in Goa - Goa Honeymoon Guide- Fun Cruises Goa

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3. Explore the Hinterland Treasures of Goa

If your want to get away from the coastal belt, you may want to hire a bike in Goa and go on a road trip to the hinterlands. You can ride by the lush greenery, paddy fields, ancient trees and looming hills in and around Goa. Visit the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, soak in nature’s bounty and get lost in the beauty of its milky white waters crashing down on the rocks below.
With the falls providing an ambience and setting of pure romance, the locale is the perfect set up for lovers wishing to frame their love as a picture. Trekking could be an option for the more adventurous couples to celebrate their zest for life with each other. This beaten path has also been ranked as one of the most romantic and popular attractions of all time and hence would be a great story to tell.

4. Sail Away on a Private Yacht in Goa

For a truly amazing Honeymoon in Goa, book yourselves a ride on a private yacht in Goa for a whole new experience. Fun Cruises Goa offers luxurious as well as affordable customized Cruise packages in Goa,
to suit your taste. The Mandovi River Cruise include sailing on the river as well as trips to places like Chorao and Divar which are scenic and serene islands of Goa.

Candle lit dinners with a view? We’ve got your back. Sightseeing? no problem! Sunbathe on deck all day, with the sun in your face and wind in your hair while sipping away on a beer and living lavish as you usher in your lives together on our Goa Yacht.

View of the railroad bridge from yacht

5. Bask in Island Sunshine of Goa

Beaches, waterfalls, yacht rides and now Islands to visit!! Yes, Goa had numerous quaint islands that can be visited for its ever so calm and picturesque beauty and sunsets. Basking under the sunshine peering through the crisp palm leaves could be a very romantic evening for couples on a honeymoon in Goa. Beautiful Goan islands that can be visited are Divar, Chorao and Conco island all laid back fading away or appearing as your ferry boat nears or leaves the coast of the Island. Or better yet, take our yacht for a spin to these islands and spend hours of exploring nature’s beauty in Goa. We’re happy to help!

Some say, Goa is a honeymoon destination as it offers couples seclusion from the outside world with its untouched beaches and luxury resorts – TRUE! While some honeymooners would like to explore the not so quiet side of Goa i.e. the adventurous side- Goa has got you, again! To quote Carrie Bradshaw, “Do you really want to be pushed and shoved in a crowd and eat bad (in this case good) catered food?” YES, yes and yess!

Goa has something to suit every taste. So take our tips and plan your honeymoon in Goa now. Fun Cruises is happy to help! 🙂