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5 Unique Things to do in Goa this December

5 Unique Things to do in Goa this December

Experience moments so beautiful and vibrant, it almost feels like living in a movie scene with fireworks, nights by the beach, food delicious enough to make all your worries go away, art to make you look at life from a whole new perspective, a company of warm and kind people , and all this while beautiful music plays in a background. Sounds like a dream? Well you can make that dream come true by visiting Goa in the month of December, and making memories that will accompany you in the years to come. We understand how sometimes that Goa comes across as a cliche destination, with parties and beaches being the only things you hear about. But allow us to introduce you to a side of Goa that you’ve never seen before.

Here is a list of 5 unique things that you can do in Goa, this December.

1) Be a part of the Serendipity Arts Festival

goan tiatr

If you happen to be a fan of the arts, then we’ve got just the thing for you! The Serendipity festival is one of the biggest, most colourful multidisciplinary art festivals in the country that brings together art, music, food, theatre and dance performances, curated well enough to draw global attention. This festival takes place in Goa in the month of December with over 900 artists from all over the world that use the beautiful city of Panjim as their canvas, and what results is a trip to a very aesthetic land of stories, laughter and art.  The city looks more vibrant than it ever did during the 8 nights of the festival. And the best part? You get to experience this exquisite ganache of performing, visual and culinary arts for free!

2) Christmas in Goa

Christmas's festival

Being in Goa is always the best option, but have you ever wondered about what Goa must be like during Christmas? Allow us to whet your adventure palette with all the fun things that you can do and see during this season of merriment! The streets are lit up with fairy lights and handcrafted stars, children feel the air with laughter and joy, and the Christmas carols make the nights in Goa melodious. From the traditional carolling that happens in the villages and churches of Goa, Christmas Balls are the most awaited parties of the year. Right after the traditional midnight mass ends, everyone heads over to locations like The Emerald Lawn and Alva Mar in Parra, Woodburns in Nuvem, and Quinta De Valadares in Verna to celebrate life with their friends, families , and lovers by dancing till the sun comes up. The music turns up, the glasses clink and of course it’s time to go when the morning comes, but not before making memories that last you a lifetime.

3) Spend your evenings at the beach


Now this might sound like a cliché thing to do when you’re in Goa, however beaches in December are much more serene and beautiful than in the scorching months of April and May. The breeze is pleasant and light, there are Christmas lights hung up on every shack and house around the beach, there are sights of enchanting fireworks in the sky, and the setting sun in Goa is better than what you see in the movies!

4) Enjoy sweets from Goa’s oldest Bakery

sweet food

Would you love to try out delicacies at Goa’s favourite, most oldest bakery? Well we have just the place for you! Located in the beautiful village of Loutolim in South Goa, the ‘Jila Bakery’ is a traditional Goan house that is famous for the sweetest most delicious Eclairs, Caramel Butter cake, Rich Plum cake, Melting moments, Apple Strudel, Geneva pastry, and Angel Wings. Although they are usually open from to 7.15 pm, most of the pastries get sold out by 12pm! First set up in 1972, people, including certain celebrity folk travel from far and wide to this bakery to get a taste of heaven.

5) New Years on the Yacht

5 Unique Things to do in Goa this December

Just like they do in the movies, surprise your loved one with the perfect night by welcoming the new year on a yacht, far away from the maddening crowd. Pop open a bottle of champagne, enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, slow dance to the music, quietly whisper a countdown, and kiss him when the clock strikes 12, and the fireworks light up the sky, heralding the way for a whole new year! For a memorable New Years book yourself a private yacht ride with Fun Cruises Goa which offers luxurious as well as affordable customised cruise packages to suit your taste!