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5 Reasons to Take a Yacht Ride in Goa

From the clear white sands to clear blue seas, Goa is a land of beauty and wonder.  Known for its culture and tradition, Goa continues to stand out as the perfect place to create memories that last you a lifetime. Goa is home to many water sporting activities, one of which is the famous yacht experience. There are many reasons why one should choose to go yachting in Goa, and we will see some of those below.

1. The View

Goa offers you aesthetics in terms of the breathtaking views. The best way to enjoy these views is to cruise through the land that looks like a moving painting on canvas.And what better way to cruise in luxury and style than by a riding in a yacht? Look at the city of Panjim from a whole different angle while the skies look like a swirl of a caramel toffee and orange hues that warm your soul. The old heritage structures like the Reis Magos Fort and the churches situated on the banks of rivers are a sight to behold! And last but not the least, crossing the twin bridges set amidst the sea is like being in a movie scene with the perfect setting. Word of advice? Sunset time is the best time to enjoy the yacht experience in Goa!

2. An Office Party

Wanna take a break from the four walls surrounding your work place, and just relax and bond with your work friends for a day? Circle the calendar for a fun day and enjoy an outing on a yacht! Besides the healthy bonding that could take place between the employees,and the long needed break,  the vast ocean might also be a muse to the creative travellers on board to think outside the box and generate new ideas! Sure, it sounds like you’re still working. But isn’t it more fun if you were brainstorming while cruising, eating and chilling this time? Yup! A whole better deal.

3. The Lush Drive

There is a special kind of luxury you only get on a yacht. Choose private yachts for only the two of you, or yachts with room for up to 25 people for your special event. Being on a yacht means you are completely free to do whatever you want. You could stop for a swim, dine with your friends or successfully set up a very classy romantic dinner date, or you could just lay down in the sun while the breeze gently whispers lullabies and puts you into a pleasant slumber.

4. A Fishing Trip

In Goa the tradition of fishing goes a long way with respect to its utility as an occupation and as leisure activity. Fishing while on a yacht is another experience in itself, as the movement of the yacht into the deep areas of the sea increases the chances of even an amateur to catch fish on his very first try! Besides that, there is a very relaxed environment which includes scenic surroundings, food to munch on, beer or wine to sip from, a comfortable sitting area, and even music to make the experience of fishing while on a yacht one of the most relaxing ones you could possibly have.

5. Sunsets in Goa

There is no better way to see the sunset than while cruising on a yacht with loved ones, while beautiful scenery surrounds it. Watching the sunset, while on a beach never gets old. But did you ever wonder what it must be like to be driving in those waters while the sun meets it at the horizon? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore! Find out for yourself by taking a ride with Funcruises and allow us to top your list of happy memories with a very lasting and beautiful experience. Contact us for bookings or inquiries.