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Why are yachts the "in thing" in Goa?

In the recent past, we have seen that yacht tourism has picked up quite a bit and people are increasingly booking tours on yachts. Yachts, as we know it, are a luxury that now the masses can afford. In Goa, being a new sector, it has picked up quite a bit. With many people looking at sea tourism as the way forward, it is very popular. We searched for reasons why yachts are the “in thing” in Goa. We’ve broken them down into 5 reasons why.

1. Aesthetics

Yachts are popular because of their visual appeal. Everybody wants something beautiful and yachts, check the correct boxes in terms of visuals. With premium-quality interiors as well as class service, what’s not to like? Yachts not only look pretty, but they also make a sick picture on our Instagram feed!

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2. Drone shots baby!

One of the perks of booking a yacht is the availability of drones that can capture the most serene landscapes and the best moments from up above (Quite literally). Up and coming photographers and videographers get beautiful content for their online portfolios and Instagram feeds with the gems of the yacht experience.


3. Nature lovers’ paradise!

Whilst on a yacht, nature lovers see the hidden parts of Goa. Untouched serene beauty is abounding. They can also indulge in water sports as well as snorkelling, among other activities. Bird-watching and dolphin-watching are also a huge bonus!


4. Yachty-Party

One can take their party to the next level by having it on a yacht. Yachts are amazing for not only business but parties too! With a chilled beer and barbeque, what’s not to love? Yachts are the perfect vehicle of fun for everyone!

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5. Everything looks better from sea-level

When aboard a yacht, Goa looks stunning! Everyone is used to looking at Goa by road, but by sea, Goa can be seen through a new lens. Discovering the crevices of Goa’s landmass have never been more wondrous than from a yacht. So if you’re looking to get a taste of all this goodness, contact fun cruises for bookings and inquiries.