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Things to do on your Next Honeymoon Cruise in Goa

A honeymoon in Goa is pretty much a jackpot for any newly weds looking for a romantic time. A beach stroll or roadtrip is the usual staple for couples in Goa. But there’s another romantic activity right over the horizon. A honeymoon yacht cruise in Goa of course ! Although a cruise anywhere is romantic enough on its own. Here are some things you can do to spice up your honeymoon yacht cruise in Goa.


6. A Romantic Sunset Cruise in Goa like no other

A contemporary sunset seaview from Goa’s beachfront is cool and all. But an exceptional view overlooking the Arabian Sea from a slow paced Yacht? Now that’s called chilling with style. Also not the be missed is the beautiful sunset along Goas west coast. Especially during the summers when it can last for almost 20-30 minutes.

drone shoot

5. Star Gaze on your Honeymoon yacht cruise in Goa

There is just something incredibly romantic about staring up  at the night sky with a special someone. But do you know what’s even more romantic? Doing it aboard a yacht in Goa of course. Simply lie aboard the sprawling deck and enjoy the sound of the ocean. While you’re at it, you can even play some romantic jazz on the on board speakers. For a next level romantic experience.

An ideal spot to do this is the arabian sea or the Panjim coastline if you want a more urban view.

night time beach

Image courtesy  : Wallplay

4. Have an open air BBQ date aboard your cruise in Goa

Eating out with your date can be a great experience. Even better if there’s some great food and music involved. But you know what really is the perfect place to eat out? An open air BBQ aboard a luxury yacht in Goa !

After all, eating under the stars or and over the ocean has its own charm. A place to eat with the perfect outdoor seating not just sets the mood right, but also give a common topic to kickstart a conversation: the view!

So be sure to not miss out on this Honeymoon yacht cruise in Goa activity.


Image courtesy : ShutterStock

3. Photoshoot on your Yacht cruise in Goa

A perfect couple needs a perfect photo to add to their album of life. When it comes to perfection, you cannot go wrong with a photoshoot under the stars. Seize the opportunity for an exotic photo with a blissful Goa in the background. Use of Drone photography here is the best way to capture the perfect bird’s eye view. The Mandovi River, of course, is the perfect choice for a photoshoot in Goa because of the serene mix of city life and sunshine.

Fun Cruises is again at your service if you’re looking for a customised yacht itinerary in Goa. We can also provide Drone Photography/ Videography services on request.

drone shoot

Photo by Flying Squad Goa on our Searay 330 Yacht

2. Reenact the ‘King of the world’ scene from Titanic

This one’s for the all the millennial couples out there. Something that everyone should try at least once. After all, the king of the world scene from Titanic is one of the single most famous romantic scenes from any movie – ever.  And don’t worry about going overboard though, as all our yachts are equipped with only the best state of the art safety equipment. Rest assured, you can carry out your little adventure in peace.


1. An adrenaline pumping romantic cruise in Goa

For some couples, the bird’s eye view aboard a boat just doesn’t cut it anymore. Getting right into the action is where it’s at. And the Yachts in Goa are more than happy to cater to all your adventurer and explorer needs. Be it Scuba Diving in the Zuari, Parasailing at Calangute or snorkeling at Bogmalo, you take a call and our yacht crew will get you that experience in Goa.

And if you really want to full experience, give our Speedboat a try. You will probably find any rollercoaster drive boring after riding it.

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