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Rekindle your Romance in Goa with 5 must-do things as a couple

With the oncoming summer vacations, most couples are frantic to find the perfect outing to make their vacation special for each other. Even if it means going out for short and romantic dates to rekindle their romance. Here in Goa, there are numerous restaurants that are perfect for a date but the downside of the same is that it’s crowded and noisy and if you don’t make a reservation, you’re likely not to get any tables immediately.

So if you’re spending your summer holidays in Goa as a couple, do something unconventional and different. Since couple vacations are all about celebrating your love, do something special keeping in mind each other’s interests. Stand out and create the perfect date for you and your loved one. Goa maybe a small state but it hold endless options of things for you to do as a couple.


Here are the 5 romantic things you can do as a couple in Goa:

5. Rent a Goa yacht and go cruising along the beautiful Goan rivers

Goa’s beautiful and calming Mandovi river is perfect for you to cruise through along with your significant other. Hire a luxury yacht in Goa from Fun Cruises and have a romantic dinner under the gaze of the star studded sky and to the sound of the waves. A luxury yacht offers you a sense of privacy with a view to die for.

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4. Heritage walk through Goa's Latin Quarter of Panjim

The beautiful quaint by lanes of Fontainhas Goa are steeped in rich history of our Portuguese past and dotted with colourful Portuguese houses. This is a trip down memory lane where trade happened and talks of our liberation movement were given birth to might be the most interesting date for you in Goa. If you and your partner are history or architecture lovers, then this heritage walk is perfect for you. Learn more about Goa and it’s past while spending the day with your one true love.

3. Romantic Hot air balloon ride in Goa

A hot air balloon ride in Goa with your loved one is by far one of the most romantic things you can do with your adventurous partner. Catch the early morning rays of the sun as you ascend through the clouds. With the picturesque view of Goa and your loved one by your side, there’s nothing better to do in Goa this summer vacation.

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2. Fall in love with Goa’s Colourful Art

Stroll into the various galleries and museums in Goa and be enthralled by the creative works of art this beautiful state has to offer. Let your eyes feast not just on your lovers beauty, but also the breathtaking art and installations too. After all, art is the true expression of love!

1. Spend a Romantic day Bird Watching in Goa

What’s more romantic for bird and environment lovers than going for a breaking dawn trip to the beautiful Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Goa is blessed with a plethora of species of animals and birds. Watching these magnificent creatures in the natural habitat with your partner and create a memory that lasts forever.


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Don’t let your Goa summer vacation as a couple, be your regular run off the mill one. Make it a little more special and go the extra mile to celebrate your love in Goa. We’re sure you will find something special that will make both you and your partner look back at the day with fond memories.

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