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Pro Safety Tips for your next Yacht Cruise in Goa!

Safety is everyone’s business. Even more so for every fellow yacht enthusiast. As fun as a yacht cruise in Goa can be refreshing and thrilling, one mustn’t sweep safety under the carpet . Safety should always be of paramount importance. After all, nobody wants their first yacht cruise in Goa to be their last. Here are some pro safety tips that you should follow on your next yacht cruise in Goa.

Life Jackets are a must. Learn to use them

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Sometimes, Yacht Cruise Party in Goa can go south. If someone thinks they are Iron Man and decides to jump off, then you should be able to handle the situation. Being sure to understand how to use a life jacket beforehand can also be a huge plus!

Fun Cruises Goa have safety checks that are complete and life jackets on the ready for all yachts.

Check for Carbon Monoxide leaks

Carbon Monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that causes harm to everyone. Maintaining CO alarms, and staying far away from the exhausts fumes is always helpful. If you are in an enclosed cabin, proceed to the deck and/or circulate fresh air down below. The symptoms of seasickness and CO poisoning are similar. All yachts provided by Fun Cruises Goa maintain the highest safety standards. In an unlikely event of a suspicious CO leak, fresh air and medical attention should be sought first.


Okay Google, what is the weather forecast?


Although Goa has some of the best weather in the country, it can still be unpredictable at times. Be sure to stay updated with regular weather updates. After all, the weather app is just a click away or sometimes just a voice response!

Remember Emily's Code

On May 2nd, 2015, 14-year-old Emily Gardner drowned in a tragic boating accident. An ill-fitting buoyancy aid snagged on the cleat of a capsized speedboat.  In her memory, her family drew up a mnemonic to highlight key safety messages as well as helped provide a great rule of thumb for any sailor to follow.

emilys code

If all your safety measures are in check and you can’t get enough of Goa, then you can catch some great memories on our yachts! Contact us right away to book your yacht ride in Goa today!