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5 Reasons why Yachts in Goa promise to be the best for your Family Time

Everyone looks forward to family holidays, it’s the one time to unwind and relax with the people that make your life great. Goa is one of India’s best family holiday destinations. With its beautiful beaches and calm waters, the serene landscape of mountains and fields, it’s just the right place for a family getaway.

With winter down and summer just around the corner, make your way to Goa and have the best holiday you could ever possibly have. If you’ve been to Goa before and want to do something other than visiting churches or the same old beaches with your family, or if you’re interested in having a one of a kind holiday, we here at Fun Cruises Goa have got just the right thing for you!

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Here’s why you should hire a yacht in Goa:

5. Hire a Yacht and create a priceless family memory

Family holidays are all about creating memories that will last you a lifetime. In a world where every member of your family is busy, every moment together is precious. Hire one of our yachts at Fun Cruises Goa during your family vacation in Goa and create a memory that will last a lifetime. Take back with you a story of an amazing yachting experience that will be worth talking about at each family gathering.

4. Spend quality time cruising on a yacht

There’s no better place to spend quality time and bond with your family and children than on a yacht in Goa in the middle of the sea. Time and tide wait for none, so every second spent with your family should be treasured and our yachts can help you do so. Spend uninterrupted quality time as you cruise along the Mandovi river in a luxury yacht and catch a breathtaking sunset while playing a game of Uno or board games.

3. Family adventure in and on the water

Kids are generally full of life and are always in for some fun activities. Spend the day in a yacht cruising along the serene waters of Goa and then revisit the child in you along with your family by jumping into the water and taking part in some thrilling adventurous water sports in Goa. Here at Fun Cruises Goa we have specially curated cruises such as the Waterbaby’s Cruise, where you and your family can go snorkelling, jet skiing, fishing and more after a day on our yacht.


2. Our Luxury Yachts in Goa are perfect for Family Celebrations

If you’re down in Goa with a large family gathering and want to celebrate a birthday,  anniversary or just have a fun day out then our yacht is the best option for you. Our Luxury Catamaran Yacht at Fun Cruises Goa are the perfect choice for a secluded family celebration. With the ability to seat 25 people, this luxury yacht is just what you need for a fun get together as you float across the Mandovi river. This yacht offers the perfect amount of space for the adults and children to have a fantastic time

1. Relax to the sound of the waves on our yacht

There’s nothing more calming than the sound of the waves, especially after a tiring couple of months at work and school. A vacation to Goa is a must to let your body and mind unwind with your family. Spend the day cruising off into the sunset with the people that you love the most on our yacht at Fun Cruises Goa. Feast on a delectable BBQ meal and push aside the outside world for a while as you take in Goa like you’ve never seen it before.


We here at Fun Cruises Goa promise that you don’t have to worry about a thing on our yachts. Yours and your family’s safety is of the utmost importance, along with having a brilliant and memorable time of course. On our captained yachts we promise that you that you won’t have a trouble in the world.

Your family vacation to Goa just wouldn’t be complete without a a sailing experience on one of our many yachts at Fun Cruises Goa. If you’re interested in a faster ride or a quick cruise around the picturesque Mandovi River you can opt for our luxurious SpeedBoat 232 or for a smooth relaxed cruise check out our Searay 330 that’s perfect for you and your kids.

Click here to book you and your family an experience of a lifetime that we promise you won’t regret or forget any time soon.