Fun Cruises Goa

Funliner party-boat

Goa’s Ultimate Private Party Destination

Goa is a destination that finds its place on everybody’s bucket list. With its pristine beaches, architectural wonders, delicious food, stunning nightlife – there’s something for everyone to experience in Goa. A party on a yacht is something we’d highly recommend if you’re hoping to enjoy something on the luxurious end, especially with the cloudy skies and the tranquility of the water

Why choose a yacht for a party location?

While there are a number of parties that you could attend all across Goa, a yacht party aims to stand out. It makes the whole experience with your friends exclusive yet fun and entertaining. Depending on your budget, packages are customized to suit your every mood and are curated to offer you an experience that’ll leave you feeling suave and sophisticated.

Your Ride

The well maintained fleet with its stunning interiors are both classy and modern and together with the picturesque view of the riverscape creates the perfect ambience for a private party set up in Goa. You are assured to have a good time as you embrace the yachting lifestyle.


The Views

Watch as the cloudy skies surround you with a cozy environment that makes you want to stay at the sea forever and the serene day makes way for a cool, starry night –  views that are both mesmerizing and make for the perfect backdrop for your extravagant holiday. Dance the night away amidst a scenic view that’ll leave you enthralled.

The Irresistible Food

What’s a great party without some delicious food? Professionally trained chefs whip up a delectable fare that will tantalize your taste buds while the guest relations staff works to ensure that you have a seamless night aboard the yacht.

Make it your own

Add your own twist to the party! Choose a theme, ask your friends to dress up, think of fun games or even get everyone to start dancing as you turn up the music. With the right company, this yachting experience is bound to be unforgettable.

If we’ve convinced you that a yacht party is a fun way to have the time of your life in Goa, head on over to Fun Cruises and book the most thrilling moment you’ll ever experience!