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5 Things To Do Before Going On a Cruise In Goa

When in Goa, you need to make the most out of it. This does not mean you have to limit yourself to the usual touristy adventures out there. Goa has so much to offer, like sailing down the Mandovi River on a private yacht. Fun Cruises provides the opportunity to experience all of this and makes sure that you have the most wonderful time while you’re at it. To enjoy your cruise trip to the fullest, you should keep a few things in mind. We’re here to provide you with a list of things you need to do before cruising away on a yacht

1. Make a Checklist

The first step to take when you’re going somewhere is to make a checklist of all the things you have to do. This keeps you organised and doesn’t let you forget things. If you don’t follow a checklist, you may be subjected to forgetting certain things and panicking when you remember them at the last minute. Always make a checklist before you go through with anything and you can keep adding to it as you remember things. Make sure to follow it religiously and you’ll be good to go

2. Get Your Documents Ready

When you go on a cruise, it is really important that you get all your documents in place. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents at hand so that when Fun Cruises asks you to submit them for confirmation and registration, you don’t have to struggle to find them. And of course to add this to your checklist!

3. Pack your Basic Necessities

Another important thing to do before you go on a cruise is to pack! It is necessary to think about the “what ifs” before you set out on an adventure. Make sure to pack yourself a small bag that will include all your basic necessities. These include your sunscreen lotion, SPF lip balm, some extra clothes, your accessories etc. Make a list of all these necessities if you are prone to forgetting what to pack, but make sure not to overpack either!

4. Don’t Forget Your Medication

If you are on medication, make sure that you carry your prescribed meds in a bulk so you don’t fall short in case of emergencies. Make sure to also pack some basic medications like paracetamol and some painkillers just to be careful. You won’t have access to the shore while you’re on the cruise, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

5. Electronic Gadgets and Chargers

How could a cruise be complete without taking pictures or capturing moments you’ll want to remember forever? We understand clicking photographs is the best way to preserve memories and keep your socials updated. But, it would be a huge bummer if any of your cameras or phone were to run out of battery while you’re having fun and can’t capture the moments spent. This is why it’s advised that you charge your devices well in advance and make sure to carry your chargers just in case.

And lastly, DO NOT forget to have fun! No amount of preparations will make you ready for the exhilarating experience that you are bound to have on this trip. So buckle up for an amazing day cruising down the river Mandovi. We assure you won’t be disappointed!