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Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for you and your Partner in Goa!


Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for you and your Partner in Goa!

The way you celebrate an occasion together with your loved one says a lot about how much you value them. Valentine’s day, in particular, is one such occasion wherein you are expected to put in that little extra effort just to show how much he or she means to you. We have come up with some ideas for you on how to pull off that perfect memorable Valentine’s day in Goa.

5. A Romantic Night under the Stars

This plan will definitely knock the socks of your partner! One can never beat the romantic experience of spending some quality time under the stars. The expanse of the sea and the clear night skies make for a perfect setting for any couple. If you want to take it a notch higher then we suggest you hire a yacht which will take you to the middle of the ocean as you and your partner have a perfect evening with some delicious barbecue, drinks  and enjoy the stars shining bright.


Image Credits: Darshan Sethi

4. Try an Adventure Sport Together

Research proves that a couple indulging in adrenaline fueled sports together have a positive effect on their relationship. It builds stronger bonds and raises trust levels in each other. We strongly suggest you gather some courage and take your partner for an adventurous day in the beautiful state of Goa. In Goa, you can try various adventure sports like zip-lining, bungee jumping, parasailing, river rafting, water sports etc.


Image Credits: Thrillophilia

3. Plan a Photoshoot in Goa

Taking good photographs together comes naturally to anyone who is a photographer or a memory enthusiast! However, some couple shots require some professional help! Our pick? Hire a photographer or a fantastic drone pilot and surprise your partner with a professional photoshoot to get those Instagram worthy pictures at beautiful locations in Goa. Don’t forget to use props and emulate those model poses that you always wanted.


Image Credits: Royal Reelz

2. Enjoy a Relaxing Day at a Spa

There is no better feeling than a little pampering at a relaxing spa in Goa. A day at the spa with your loved one is the perfect way to rejuvenate your mind and body and charge you for the rest of the day. Goa has a variety of speciality spas to suit your needs and taste. We recommend a relaxing spa date at Grand Hyatt! Their packages will blow your mind!

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1. Make a Time Capsule

This is one of our favourites! Grab a few pictures, mementoes, love notes and trinkets and seal them in an airtight glass box or jar and bury it in a place that tugs the heartstrings. This exercise will serve as a time capsule for your lover to be opened in the future or maybe you could use it as a reason to revisit the same spot with your loved one in the future.


You and your partner need this most awaited relaxing day to showcase your love and affection to each other. We recommend taking our luxury yacht ride and making it extra special!