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5 Unique Ideas For a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Goa

Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Goa

5 Unique Ideas For a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Goa

The beautiful coast of Goa is home to some of the best beaches on the planet and serves as a perfect host for photography. So make your wedding special with a pre-wedding photoshoot in Goa.

A pre-wedding shoot is a great idea to have a romantic time in Goa with fiance before your wedding. And while you’re at it, you get a chance to make it memorable with the help of the best photographers in Goa. It’s true that a pictures speak a thousand words, so don’t let yours be a generic photoshoot in Goa.

Here are 5 awesome ideas for a mind-boggling photoshoot that you could do in Goa before your wedding.

The best part is that you DON’T need to be a pro for the most part. And if you are looking for a reliable group of photographers who can pull a pre-wedding photoshoot with ease in Goa, connect with Lokaso.

5. Photo shoot in the Forests of Goa

Goa has a massive forest cover in its eastern part. Grab a chance to have a lovely photo session right under its canopy. It’s a great way to make your photo shoot in Goa surreal. An attire that contrasts the green backdrop can make an impressive mark.

The Chorla Ghats is a perfect choice because of its lush greenery and pleasant weather. Avoid doing a photoshoot here during the monsoons unless you want a very tough journey. Expect monkeys to photobomb your pictures every now and then 😛

photoshoot of a couple in forest of goa

Image courtesy : Seventy two

Photoshoot of couples in feilds

Image courtesy : cam catches

4. Adventurous Photoshoot with water sports in Goa

We bet your pre-wedding photoshoot cannot get more dramatic than this. If you’re having a photoshoot in Goa, you might as well have one on the vast open sea.Even better is when you and your fiance are big time adventure junkies. Have a candid photography session with your partner while indulging in water sports in Goa.

Go for a scuba diving, Kayaking or even Wakeboarding in Goa. Let your photographer do his magic of capturing the romance, between those moments of adrenaline rush.

Our team at Fun Cruises Goa are more than happy to cater to all your adventurer and explorer needs. Be it at Calangute, Panjim or Baina, we can cruise you to your destination on our luxurious Catamaran Yacht in Goa.
Book your Yacht in Goa now!

Photoshoot with water sports in Goa

Image courtesy: David Cavan

Photoshoot with water sports in Goa

Image courtesy :Tomas del Amo

3. Colourful Photoshoot at Fontainhas, Goa

The brightly coloured streets of Panjim are a perfect scene for your photoshoot in Goa. Fontainhas is the oldest Latin Quarter in Goa, very close to the hustle and bustle of Panjim city, but cut off from the same.

Flanked by houses painted in blue, yellow and many more colours, Fontainhas gives away a strong Portuguese vibe.
So, think out of the ordinary and add a vintage romantic flavor to your love with a photoshoot in Fontainhas, Goa. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The colourful streets of Goa await you!

Photoshoot at Fontainhas Goa

Image courtesy : Flashbakc Studios

2. Photoshoot on the Beaches of Goa

A romantic photoshoot in Goa is incomplete without a beach. It’s truly magical to have those calm blue waters as a backdrop for your photos. A very straightforward and simple setting indeed.

Right through the lovely moments through to the fun on the beach, you can capture the perfect picture of a lifetime.
So go ahead, find the perfect lighting and pose away on the picturesque beaches of Goa.

A sunset sky in Goa is highly recommended.

Photoshoot on the Beaches of Goa

Image courtesy:

Photoshoot on the Beaches of Goa

Image courtesy:Romesh Dhamija

1. Photoshoot on a Yacht in Goa

A perfect couple needs a perfect photo to add to their album of life. When it comes to perfection, you cannot go wrong with a photoshoot under the stars. Seize the opportunity for an exotic photo with a blissful Goa in the background. Use of Drone photography here is the best way to capture the perfect bird’s eye view. The Mandovi River, of course, is the perfect choice for a photo shoot in Goa because of the serene mix of city life and sunshine.

Fun Cruises is again at your service if you’re looking for a customised yacht itinerary in Goa. We also provide Drone Photography/ Videography services on request.

Photoshoot on a Yacht in Goa

Image courtesy: Flying Squad Goa on our Searay 330 Yacht

All up for a spectacular photo session here in Goa?   Let us know of any more romantic or crazy photoshoot ideas that you have for your photoshoot in Goa. We’re all ears & eager to help you out through it!

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