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Sunsets in Goa, on the Mandovi River is a special time of the day. Time seems to slow down as the sun descends into the horizon, painting the sky with a unique display every dusk. This is the time to be on a yacht, in Goa, with a drink in your hands and the sound of the breezy water gushing at your back. Sunset Cruises in Goa are the perfect way to spend your Sunday evenings. Highlights include panoramic views looking back to the Panjim city, the beautiful orange-pink skies which provide the backdrop for this tropical port city and the never-ending ocean with noteworthy attractions on either side of the shores.

Here are a few reasons why a Sunset Cruise in Goa is the next big thing and a must try with your near and dear ones while you are in Goa:

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Sunset is one of the most beautiful views of nature, which makes you feel rich and romantic while giving a sense of bliss. Isn’t that exciting if we can enjoy all these at once in a Sunset cruise in Goa?
Not all sunsets are the same. Goa is famous for its vibrant “Fire Cloud” sunsets. A phenomenon when the sinking sun lights the sky with intense red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple colors, with the clouds forming an amazing pattern.

“It’s almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream” ~ Bernard Williams


Don’t believe what we say about Sunsets in Goa? Go to any beach in Goa at around 5 in the evening and you will be stunned to see thousands of people waiting to watch the extraordinary sunset in Goa and freeze the moment through photographs. Nowadays, you can also find numerous “sunset bars” in many resorts and hotels in Goa. There are a lot of beach shacks that offer a sunset view of Goa too.

But why a sunset cruise in Goa you ask? Well why not? The Best Viewpoint for Goa Sunsets is in the open sea, it’s like getting a front seat for a spectacular stage show. Nothing can beat the feeling of you standing on a yacht, wading through the waters with your hair shining in the golden light and wind gushing across your face. The breeze, that view, those moments with your significant other, it is simply surreal.

The beaches and hilltop are only the second best location to watch sunsets in Goa. However, once you go on Sunset cruise, there’s no going back. Because that, my friend, is one of a kind!

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Most of us can’t afford to own a private yacht but we all want to know how it feels to ride on a luxurious yacht. No doubt you will feel super pampered on Fun Cruises’ comfortable yet extravagant yacht in Goa.

With add-on features like Live BBQ and music, we take your sunset cruise experience in Goa just a notch higher. So bring in the closest of your friends or just your life partner and daze at the setting sun while we serve you some smoking hot BBQ and chilled beer to relax and unwind from the daily hustle.

Want a more upper-class feel? Extend your sunset cruise in Goa to a pre-dinner Cruise Package and enjoy the nightsky under the stars. Our Searay 330 & Catamaran in Goa has a lower deck that boasts of a private room equipped with a sound system, TV and bed set up in a luxurious ambience. So take some time out and float around in our cabin rooms. We bet it’s better than what you just imagined. Sounds like a lavish Goa Cruise experience? 😉

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A lovely sunset moment is the best when shared with your special someone. Whether you are visiting this charming beach paradise for your honeymoon or you simply want to share a romantic evening with someone special, a Goa sunset cruise is the ideal choice to rekindle that romance. Fun Cruises Goa offers a memorable cruising experience in Goa, for you and your loved ones.

Cruise along the gleaming waters of Goa in a luxury yacht and admire the beautiful city from the upper deck or the lower-deck.

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day ends beautifully” ~ Kristen Butler


Each trip on a Goa Sunset Cruise makes a memorable story that you can preserve for the rest of your life. You can capture mesmerizing pictures that you can either keep with yourself or share on your social media profiles.

We, at Fun Cruises Goa, also provide Drone Photography & videography services on request to capture your magical moments in the most spectacular way.

Got idea for your next Valentine’s Day or Anniversary? You are welcome. ?

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Another bonus of sunset cruise is that you don’t need to walk to see the beauty of the beautiful beachy destination of India – Goa. The yacht will cruise around the most popular inland route, through the Mandovi River. It gives you a beautiful riverside view of the Panjim City on one side which has an array of Casino ships, Ferry boats, Rocky beaches and much more that shows the busy living of Goans. On the other hand is the peaceful area covering Nerul & Verem that showcases the famous Forts of Reis Magos & Aguada which are a Portuguese marvel in Goa. With so much more in store, it’s easier to explore the seaside wonders of Goa with the help of Sunset Cruises in Goa.

“Sunset is the opening music of the night.” ― Mehmet Murat Ildan


At the end of the cruise, you can also see the mesmerizing city lights of Panjim again the dusky skies while passing through the new Mandovi Bridge that is getting built. Just imagine! 😀

Before you settle into dinner, set the pace for the night ahead with a leisurely sunset cruise past some of Goa’s most dramatic harbour views.

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Goa’s Sunset cruise is more than just watching sunset. We have perfected this 1-2 hour long cruise by making it a delectable experience for all your senses.

The beautiful twilight for your Eyes, Palatable food for your Stomach, and soothing Music for your Ears.

If sunset cruise is only about watching a sunset, a gloomy evening can ruin the whole experience for you, so it’s good if there are other activities on-board.

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The ideal time for a Sunset Cruise if from 5 to 6:30 or so. You can also extend it till 7 pm to see the beauty of Panjim city lights from the river. It is preferable for you book yacht at least a few days in advance to avoid any clash. Advance bookings can also help you customise your Goa Cruise experience. You can ask for an extra anchorage time and services like Drinks & BBQ. We can even change the Cruise route on request.

So don’t wait anymore! Make use of every Sunset that you’ve got.

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