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Being the party capital of the country as it is, Goa is no stranger to some of the most epic parties ever seen by us all. Round the clock fun and never ending booze are here to stay.
But perhaps you’re bored of the same old routine. Tired of being the guest? Now it’s your chance to be the host. And who needs a boring old party anyway? We’re aiming for something far more memorable.
A Yacht Party in Goa, fellas. And here’s your one stop guide for everything you need for throwing one memorable and lit Yacht Party in Goa.

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Goa’s waterways are pretty calm for a better part of the the year. But that’s no excuse to get a terrible Yacht held together with Feviquick. 😛 Aim for something big. Aim for a Luxury Catamaran in Goa.
How about a floating castle over the gorgeous Mandovi. With a massive deck on the outside and a sleek interiors inside, you can be rest assured that your guests have all the space they need and also have a place to lie low if things hit the fan.

Elegent Interiors of a Luxury Catamaran

Fun Cruises Goa is more than happy to help you out for some Yacht Charter in Goa.

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Whether it’s a lawn party or a yacht party in Goa, Music Matters a looot!
Be it Karaoke, Dancing or just singing along. No party can survive without some. Most certainly not one in Goa.

Design a playlist of all songs that meet your yacht party needs. Keep the playlist is long enough so repeating will go unnoticed. When your yacht rolls out, you hit “play” and your DJ-ing job is done!
Fun Tip: If you book a Searay 330 for your yacht party in Goa, you don’t have to worry about the speakers and mic. All you need to do is curate a playlist as per your guests’ tastes in music

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Image courtesy : Katie Bond


Wouldn’t it be a shame if your epic Yacht party in Goa goes down with some not so epic food. Get hold of all the yummy seafood you can find. And what better way to have some good time on a Yacht in Goa then with some mean BBQ.

Kingfish, Pomfret and Shrimp are all the rage. Just make a note on the seasons though as a lot of seafood is seasonal.
Did you know? The Goa Yacht rental packages provided by Fun Cruises Goa also include free live BBQ on deck.

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Courtesy : Giphy


Just in case your Yacht Party in Goa gets a little too insane and some random guy decides to jump off deck thinking he’s Iron Man. You should stay prepared. Weather is also a key factor so do some homework beforehand and choose the perfect day.

The Yachts by Fun Cruises Goa come packed with all the safety checks completed and life jackets included. So, carry on in peace.

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Image courtesy : Pinterest


Your Yacht Party in Goa just reached a whole new level. How? With a theme of course!
Choose a theme, any theme. Something that highlights the spotlight of your gathering. A very simple yet effective theme is colour. Wouldn’t take much effort to theme up your yacht either. Blue is highly recommended as you sail over the endless expanse of the ocean.
Need a little Inception? Try a Sailor themed boat party like these guys.

Plan your next party with us! Hire a yacht in Goa at very affordable prices. Book a yacht now or Call 7391-052-730 for more info.

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Image courtesy : EpicLife (Youtube)

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